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You found me. I'm B. (aka ‘just B.').  A one man show working on a one-man show. I write(/record/perform) songs, poetry and marry both with my 2D and stereoscopic 3D visuals (video, photography and artwork).
- Projects -
In progress ...  codename RB :  1st desperateBeauty record  codename RB-3D :  stereoscopic 3D stageshow  27 years in the making.  For an idea of my
sound, see my old band  The Release. The Release sound, see my old band  The Release.
sound, see my old band  The Release.
May 2012:  BBC Big Screen  'desperateBeauty Clip #1'
image of desperate Beauty Clip#1 playing on the Portsmouth BBC Big Screen
3 min visual art clip designed specially for the public BBC Big Screen displays.  It played on the Portsmouth screen in Guildhall square.
2008-2010:  Wolf Moon Wings  A year in Visual Poetry  Glossy artbook of my
teaser image from my 'Wolf Moon Wings' visual peotry art book